I have several students I successfully skype with. If you would like to try a trial skype mini session with me to see whether it works for you please send me an email at

Please include your name, email address, skype name, your location (city and state or country) and available times, along with your message. Also let me know you level of fluency.  Merci.

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Skype sessions with Alain make learning French so much easier!  I’m so busy that fitting French into my schedule is difficult.  By working with Alain on Skype I can keep to my 2x/week lessons with no problem.  All the fun and materials used in my in-person sessions translate perfectly to Skype.  It’s not only enjoyable, it’s efficient!

I am thrilled to work with Alain!  Not only am I learning French, he makes it fun!  Alain prepares lessons and conversations that are professional and geared to my personal interests. In addition, he sends me little emails during the week with quick two or three minute videos or short links to keep me thinking in French in easy and entertaining ways. Being such an interesting person, his conversation time is always intriguing. Each lesson is fully prepared with handouts, homework, exercises and conversation.  He moves from one part of the lesson to another fluidly so that my attention and interest are kept throughout.  Doing so, Alain makes French easy!

Bonnie Buckner, PhD