Tutoring Testimonials

kelley chatman


Kelley Chatman

 I remember my first MeetUp with Alain in a lovely café with a mixed crowd of beginner, intermediate, and advanced French speakers. Needless to say I was very nervous especially when in the company of others who are speaking French so fluently around you. Alain took those nerves away immediately. He casually eased me into the conversations by teaching me phrases and having me apply them to the current conversations with the other students. Alain and the other students were so encouraging that after awhile I was holding small conversations on my own. I was excited! I immediately wanted to sign up for Alain’s beginner class because if he could teach me in one hour how to hold a conversation with more advance French speakers then I knew I would learn so much more in specialized lesson with him. I was right! His beginner classes are relaxed, full of laughs and good times all while learning French. Absolutely different from your typical French 101 class in college. Much more effective! Thanks Alain!